Relax for the rest of the year – vacation in the off season with a payday loan

We choose fewer domestic destinations, according to the data of the HCSO, the number of Hungarian holidaymakers has decreased to two-thirds in the last decade. At the same time, however, the amount spent on domestic holidays has increased; in 2017, for example, we spent an average of HUF 5,500 a day when we were in Hungary.

Ideally, the rest is funded by the amount saved for this purpose, but this is not always the case. According to Eurostat data for 2015, most Hungarian families would have a major unexpected expense, such as a costly health problem or the need to replace a larger household appliance, so vacationing is practically a luxury. We looked at what you have to do to stop this year from resting on material grounds.

Would you like to borrow a vacation? We show you the possibilities

If you decide to finance your vacation with a loan, a payday loan is one of the best options as the application process is quick and easy compared to other loans. It can even be claimed online at several banks, so you can complete the procedure in minutes and, if everything is OK, it can be paid out within 2 days.

With a payday loan, the coverage is your income, so when you apply for it you just have to provide your employer with a regular income statement, and existing equity and real estate coverage is not a requirement. You can use your overdraft for anything without having to prove to the bank exactly what you are spending your money on.

Having a higher overall credit score than a fixed-term loan

Having a higher overall credit score than a fixed-term loan

As a result, they are more expensive, that is, having a higher overall credit score than a fixed-term loan, as banks are at greater risk in this form of lending because they do not know exactly what the customer is spending on the loan. Because the application process is short and takes only a few days, it can even be a solution to finance a spontaneous off-season vacation.

Use the payday loan Calculator and choose the one that suits you best! The calculator shows you the difference between the total repayments of your loans. It’s a good idea to look around as you can save tens of thousands of dollars by choosing the best deal.

This is what happens during the credit rating


During the credit rating process, the bank conducts an income check, checks the Central Credit Information System to see if you are on the negative list of debtors, and then offers you a loan. This offer includes how much you can withdraw, at what interest, and for how long. You either accept or reject this offer.

The loan offer depends on several factors. For example, a credit institution will consider how much you would like to claim, whether you have a monthly current account with a current account, or whether your net monthly payment reaches $ 500.

It is important that the higher your income, the better your offer is. The reason for this is that you will be able to manage the repayment installment more easily with higher earnings, meaning that the bank will be able to lend you more securely.

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