Should I transfer my mortgage credit at this time?

Many consumers ask me if this may be the right time to request the particular transfer of mortgage credit score. They think that in a few weeks they will lower rates a bit more. I will tell you the evaluation I do with them every time these people ask me “ Must i transfer my mortgage credit score? “

I actually transfer my mortgage credit score or I do not move my credit… That is the issue. Many wonder about the ease of making the request at the moment. And is not for less. They are attentive to the news about the monetary sector and the real estate industry.


Analysis of the real-estate sector

The first concern I make with the clients is the analysis from the economy, specifically the real estate industry.

New financial assistance – the last one to get green homes – plus new incentives to purchasers, such as the one that will motivate real estate sales from rents or the reduction of the preliminary fee for the purchase associated with second homes.

Indeed, the sector offers responded and today a suffered growth trend is anticipated for the rest of the year.


Price Analysis

The second portion of the analysis is about rates. We now have put an unique chapter to suit your needs about this aspect.


A great cycle

Since 2003-2004 we did not witness this type of favorable trend. In fact , experts say that if the trend proceeds, as expected, we will reach exactly the same levels of those good many years for the real estate sector.

Now, how does the good thing affect you?

Good behavior of property sales has an important impact on the price of real estate. Upward, generally. Those who bought a few years back have done a good business. And the ones who acquire now, as well.

And, naturally , the second effect is at the cost of credit. A few years back, the rates were increased. The cost of money was increased. Many credits start a price of 6. 82% UVR up to 15. 40% DUMBBELLS.

The question is: in what rate do you want to spend it. To the same one which you negotiated a few years back or to a new one, a lesser rate, like the one that the particular banks offer today. Assess and find out.

The majority of the evaluations that we carry out within our work show us those who request purchases associated with mortgage portfolios do a great business: they lower the eye rate, lower the month-to-month fee, new tastes plus new investments are permitted.


Until when to await

Experts assume that this particular cycle will remain stable throughout 2019 and probably till the first quarter of 2022.

Applying for a home loan portfolio purchase at this time indicates starting to benefit now through the good time. That is, through next month you could pay a lesser fee. It is likely that some banking institutions or entities lower their own rates seeking better competition (there are some that have high levels).

How to evaluate your time? We are your great assist. And we put at your disposal all of the possible tools to get your living project forward: enter right here


In that order associated with ideas, expecting a fall in fees to apply for your own credit may be more dangerous than doing it now.


Are you ready for a transfer?

In seven, eight years, many things happen. Change of work, change of salary, change of marital status. New debts, more consumption with your credit cards. Even today, they’re likely to represent a lower risk as a client for any financial entity. All that affects your credit.

Our recommendation is to study your business. I compare it to the scheme that lots of companies practice in their strategies and purchasing departments. These people evaluate from time to time if they can acquire better prices with other providers. It is the same case together with your credit, from time to time you must evaluate if it is convenient for you to exchange your mortgage credit. It is now time to check if you can access a much better rate and end up paying out less money for your credit.

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